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Saturday 1st December 201815:00Women's Prayer & Fellowship
Sunday 2nd December 201810:30Sunday Worship
19:30The Alpha Course
Monday 3rd December 201819:30Men's 5 a-side
Tuesday 4th December 201814:00Tuesday Life Group
Wednesday 5th December 201819:45Wednesday Life Group
Thursday 6th December 201819:45Thursday Life Group
Friday 7th December 201810:00Baby & Toddler Group
Saturday 8th December 201810:00Men Behaving Dadly
Sunday 9th December 201810:30Sunday Worship
19:30The Alpha Course
Monday 10th December 201819:30Men's 5 a-side
Thursday 13th December 201817:00Christmas Party
Friday 14th December 201810:00Baby & Toddler Group
Sunday 16th December 201810:30Sunday Worship
17:30Family Carol Service
Monday 17th December 201819:30Men's 5 a-side
Sunday 23rd December 201810:30Sunday Worship
Monday 24th December 201815:00Family Nativity Service
Tuesday 25th December 2018 Christmas Day
10:00Family Worship
Sunday 30th December 201810:30Sunday Worship
Monday 31st December 2018 New Years Eve
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